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New Gear

Albach Diamant 2000

With the Albach Dia­mant 2000 we pro­du­ce ener­gy wood from forest bio­mass.

Mobile Screening Unit  Willibald Flexstar 3000

This machi­ne can screen out over­si­zed bran­ches, sand and smal­ler was­te to ensu­re the hig­hest pro­duct quality.

Moreover, in the machinery of the company:

  • Sav­an­nah 1250 Rota­ry Brush/​Stick Rake
  • Sav­an­nah 1720 Stump Puller
  • three har­ves­ters with an ope­ra­ting weight of 10 to 22.5 t and a pos­si­ble log reten­ti­on of 3 to 65 cm log dia­me­ter (Sam­po Rosen­lex HR46X, Rott­ne H11D, Pons­se Scor­pi­on King)
  • four for­war­ders of  12 bis 14 t load (Val­met 840, Preuß 85, 2x Pons­se Buffalo)
  • five craw­ler excava­tors from 2.8 to 30 t ope­ra­ting weight (JCB 8028, Komatsu 215, JCB 260 , Lieb­herr 926, Komatsu 290)
  • two 20-ton class wheel loa­ders with hold-down high dump buckets à 5 m³ (Vol­vo L 120 F, Lieb­herr 556X)
  • two mobi­le excava­tors from 12 to 15 t (Mecalac 12 MTX, Hyd­re­ma MX18)

Savannah 1720 Stump Puller

Maschinery Park Gallery